JOIHF Exhibition Teams

The JOIHF Exhibition Teams is one of several components of the Jamaican Olympic Ice Hockey Federation Program.

The Exhibition Teams comprise of players mainly who are Jamaican, West Indian and Caribbean.  The teams will play in non-sanctioned IIHF competitions to bring awareness of highly competitive skilled West Indies and Caribbean ice hockey players. The team will competition in North American and European tournaments and showcase in Junior and Senior Divisions.

This program will also bring awareness of Jamaicans love of the game.


JOIHF National Team and Development Teams

The JOIHF National Team and JOIHF Development Teams will comprise Jamaican players and meet IIHF player eligibility requirements.

The National Team will be selected from the Development Teams. The National Team will compete in IIHF sanctioned games. The Development Teams will be primarily recruited from JOIHF Grassroot Program.

This program is to progressively geared to provide the training and the required steps to transition players to enter international competitions at the Olympic Games level.


JOIHF Grassroots Program

The JOIHF Grassroots Program is the heart of the Jamaican Olympic Ice Hockey Federation. It is to promote and encourage the development and growth of talent and skills, facilities and activities pertaining to and concerning all aspects of ice hockey among ice hockey players and non-players in Jamaica.

All activities will be conducted in accordance with JOIHF Bylaws and the IIHF Statutes and Bylaws. Our focus is to maintain the integrity of ice hockey in national and international competition.


JOIHF Education Program

Our education program is to insure a positive move into the pro sport field (via expert agent adviser representatives to guide and facilitate this effort). Once qualified with proper college credentials or training, to empower players and to explore outside employment possibilities both related and unrelated to the sports realm. 

The components which comprise JOIHF’s education umbrella are “Learn & Play” and “Work & Play”, opening a dialogue with the University of West Indies.