Who We Are...

The Jamaican Olympic Ice Hockey Federation (JOIHF) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization registered in the state of Colorado, USA.


JOIHF is also a registered Federation in the island of Jamaica, West Indies, and a member of the Jamaica Olympic Association as well as an Associate Member of the International Ice Hockey Federation, Zurich, Switzerland.

The focus of the organization is to establish an ice hockey league made up of Jamaican players. JOIHF's responsibility includes, coaching, regular supervised training, conducting competitions as well as developing educational programs in association with the sport of ice hockey.

JOIHF is bound by its commitment to establish and support educational enrichment programs both on and off the ice including mentoring, job training and academic counseling for young ice hockey aspirants in pursuit of the growth of the sport in Jamaica.

Our Mission

The overall mission of the Jamaican Olympic Ice Hockey Federation is to provide opportunities for athletes of Jamaican, Caribbean and West Indies heritage, worldwide, seeking to develop and/or enhance their skills for competition in winter sports, including competition at  the Olympic Games level; to establish, fund and implement programs for the development of ice hockey and other ice sports programs in the area of Youth Winter Sports Programs, in addition to Women's Ice Hockey, Curling, Figure Skating and "learn to skate" programs.

JOIHF Six Core Principles

  • Respect - high regard towards all
  • Fairness - impartial approach under all circumstances
  • Dignity - conduct oneself with confidence
  • Excellence - do all things with great merit
  • Indomitable Spirit - determined character
  • Transparency - clearness in our communications



The Journey information video by Trey Johnson

Jamaican Olympic Ice Hockey Federation is about bringing the sport of ice hockey to the country of Jamaica. 

As the earlier Jamaicans (the Maroons), who played in the Colored Hockey League in Nova Scotia had the love of the game, there are more players and future players who are ready to get on the ice.