G. Webster Smith, JOIHF Co-Founder

March 31, 1960 - January 18, 2012

Photos: Judith Smith

Throughout his life, Web’s goal was to encourage, inspire and uplift those whose lives he touched. Web worked tirelessly to make the dream of JOIHF happen, and his passion for and commitment to Jamaican Olympic Ice Hockey Federation was exemplary.

In many ways, he was the backbone of this venture. He brought everyone to the table, coordinated the various aspects, and ensured all the directives and strategies were carried out. He stuck to the regimen and never deviated from the vision. As much as he contributed to JOIHF he soaked up every opportunity to learn and grow. He brightened every day with his optimism, vitality and vivacious personality, and enveloped us all in his deep passion and extraordinary dedication to this project.

G. Webster Smith will be deeply missed... as the Jamaican Olympic Ice Hockey Federation grows as an organization, we will always celebrate his contributions and his life.