The Heart of Our Story,

Edmond (EJ) Phillipps

As a young American hockey player/coach of Jamaican descent, EJ Phillipps is the core of this undertaking. EJ's love for ice hockey and his father's suggestion of merging his passion for the  game and his Jamaican heritage have been the foundation of this incredible project.

Edmond had been playing ice hockey for 19 years, coaching 8 of those years, and achieving his USA Hockey Level 5 Coaching certification in 2013.

He has discovered many Jamaican players and coaches with skill levels of professional or semi-pro level all over the world, who shares EJ's love of the game and are as equally excited about the project.

The Vision a Reality, 

G. Webster Smith

Co-founder of the JOIHF venture, G  Webster Smith, was JOIHF's backbone and tireless worked to make the dream of JOIHF become a reality.

Webster, a 20-year veteran of ice skating, was the first ever Black American to garner the credentials of a Master-rated coach by the renown certifying agency, Professional Skaters Association (PSA). He was appointed the ever non-Asian, to conduct training for the entire National Figures Skating Team of China. He served as head coach for the Icelandic National Team of the Bjorninn Skating Club, inspiring his students to obtain Iceland's first international medal in figure skating.

Webster's efforts for JOIHF continues through his sister Judith Smith, JOIHF Executive Director.