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Edmond R. Phillipps, CEO and Founder

Edmond R. Phillipps – affectionately known as “EJ" – is an amazing young hockey player/coach of Jamaican descent who has been playing ice hockey for 19 years and coaching for 7 of those years.

EJ is currently a master coach at a USA Hockey Level 5 Certification. The love of the sport was shown at age 7, when both father and son went to investigate where EJ could learn to play and what was involved to make it happen.

Two hours later, they entered the house with three large bags of hockey equipment, both grinning from ear to ear. EJ’s mother smiled and said knowingly, “I take it you found a place where Edmond can learn to play hockey.” The love of the game and the passion for the game continues.

Ed’s suggestion to EJ to merge his passion for the game and his heritage has been the foundation of this incredible project. EJs paternel grandparents are Jamaican born.


Edmond L Phillipps Jr., President

Ed is an experienced mechanical engineer with a diverse background in design, development and manufacturing with expertise in electrical/mechanical systems; qualification and reliability tests. 

Mr. Phillipps has proven knowledge in engineering enhancement to air and water cooled chillers systems, commercial refrigeration systems, automotive air conditioning components and commercial food equipment. Among his many engineering accomplishment was in 2014 being awarded U.S. patent 8.847,120 for the internal oil monitoring system (IOMS). Ed currently works as an engineer in the telecom industry.

Ed introduced his son to ice hockey and encouraged him to merge his passion for the sport and his Jamaican heritage by pursuing his dream to have Jamaica represented in the Winter Olympics in the sport of ice hockey. Ed’s parents were born and raised in Jamaica


Patti Snyder, Secretary and Treasurer

Patti Snyder has spent most of her life on the ice. A rated coach with Professional Skaters Association (PSA), U.S. Figure Skating (USFS) and International Skating Union, Patti is a former skating star with Ice Follies and has been coaching all levels of figure skating since 1981.

She has coached skaters from the beginner to International level; including her role in the training team for three-time National Champion, 1990 World Champion and 1988 Olympic competitor, Jill Trenary. As a skating director in Denver, Patti has managed and built not one, but two highly successful skating programs encompassing figure skating, learn to play hockey, learn to skate and the adult hockey leagues; all of which thrived under her leadership. She received the prestigious USFS Basic Skills Membership Award for her exceptional Learn to Skate programs, and is sought out by other ice arenas for her creative and distinctive programming.

Currently, Patti is the Skating Director at the Apex Center Ice Arena in Arvada, Colorado, where she manages the competitive figure skating programs as well as the flourishing Learn to Skate programs. Her flare for original programming, ice shows, exhibitions, and skating camps has resulted in a surge of ice skating during her tenure.

Sean Caple, Board Member

Sean Caple has owned and operated “Colorado Hockey Development Camp” for the past 8 years and is the distributor of “Shot Tec” for the State of Colorado. He started his coaching career in 1999 before moving to Denver, Colorado from Canada in 2000. Since then he has been involved at every capacity in youth hockey. Sean holds a Level 5-Master Coaching Certification through USA Hockey Intermediate Coaches Certificate from Hockey Canada. In addition, he has worked privately with players of all levels including NCAA and NHL draft picks.

He also worked with the NHL during the 2001 and 2002 All-Star games as an on-ice instructor for NHL Cool Schools" hockey clinics.


Mike Rickett, Board Member

Mike Rickett M.S., C.S.C.S., has been in the fitness industry for more than 25 years as a competitor, trainer, and educator. His background includes a bachelor's in psychology and a master's in exercise physiology. He has competed nationally as a runner, and aerobics competitor. In addition, he is a diverse personal trainer, who certifies fitness professionals and conducts continuing education seminars internationally. You can also see his work in news print, edited articles for professional health and fitness journals, and as an author of fitness training manuals.

Brian Giffin, Board Member

Brian Giffin has 21 years of leadership and management expertise in the family entertainment, youth athletics and not-for-profit industries. His experience includes business owner, executive leadership, corporate management and officer/director of not-for-profit organization. He possesses strong entrepreneurial business perspective with financial, human resources, marketing/sales and project management skill sets.

A passionate leader who excels at planning, organizing and executing business plans, Brian is a highly motivating coach with hands on approach to team development. experience in both business start up and turnaround projects.


Jeffery Zucker, Board Member

Jeffery Zucker has a diverse business executive background. He is Co-Founder/Chief Advisor for Hodara Property Management in the Greater Boston area. Hodara develops and manages residential owner-occupied and rental properties in the Boston, MA area. Mr. Zucker is also Founder/CEO of Saltshaker Holdings, LLC in that role Mr. Zucker negotiates and completes due diligence for the purchase of large, multi-family rental dwellings in the Boston area and manage finances from all aspects of the business on a day-to-day basis. He was formerly Co-founder of Pizza Persona in the Greater Chicago area. Persona Pizza serve completely customizable, personal pizzas and salads in minutes.

Mr. Zucker hockey background included the role of Vice President/Director of Media & Public Relations for the Charleston Wolverines Junior B Ice Hockey Club where is duties included maintain the team's website and promotional items along with calling the play and broadcast the audio for some away games.