Team Jamaica Debuts in Weekend Hockey Tournament

The Jamaican Olympic Ice Hockey Federation U18 Exhibition Team made its inaugural appearance in the Weekend Hockey tournament held in Alliston, Ontario July 3 through 5.

In the first game Jamaica won 3-2 over The Prospects. The first ever goal was scored by Kyle Bollers on a nice backhand move. With their first win in competition Team Jamaica took one big step forward and put others on notice. The first ever game was also taken notice by the speed, creativity, and exuberant colors displayed by the Jamaicans. Quite impressive considering this was the team and coaches first time together, and only two practices prior to the event.

In the second game a dominant 6-1 performance was posted by the team. Offensive explosion came from all faces; the power play, penalty kill, and even strength was all clicking. It looked like a well-oiled machine as Team Jamaica broke the game wide open on three straight power play goals in the 3rd period. With two games remaining the Jamaicans looked poised for a championship.

Game three took another historical moment for the team as they recorded their first ever shutout. In doing so making themselves look unstoppable winning 4-0. More notice was being made about the team with their creative ways of playing, their uniforms, and ways of celebrating were duly noted. Many people became quick fans of the team including youngsters from other groups playing in the tournament. Some even traveling an hour to see the team and families recognizing them as quick role models for their kids to look up to. The team was riding high and what was to stop them, being admired from the people at the tournament and their opponents.

The championship game came down to grit and determination. In a rematch with The Prospects the team fought hard and held their own in a gritty game. Though the outcome was not what they wanted Team Jamaica showed their toughness in the effort losing 4-3. Second place not bad for a team who no one took very seriously coming in. Though disappointment was on their faces, Team Jamaica won something quite unique similar to their bobsled counter parts..... RESPECT.