JOIHF U20 Exhibition Team Evaluation Camp: January 2016

On January 1st 2016 the new year started off with a bang. That is what JOIHF decided to do with its 2016 Evaluation Camp. In attendance with more experienced and hard pressed players, along with the coaches and the staff members, it was apparent that JOIHF wanted to show the public what they had learned since their time together at the tournament in July.

 Bringing forth that experience CJ Bollers was resolute in his message about the tournament in July. “We needed to put a team out there at the time, and show potential sponsors this is for real.” With that understanding the team was able to move forward getting on the ice.

The coaches and players were more comfortable with each other as most were returning from the tournament team. Coach Bollers once again demonstrated core drills and principles with the team, as Head Coach Townshend help step in to guide the youngsters. The talents of the young players were very overwhelming especially to the new comer to JOIHF’s staff, Ed Daley, who could not believe his eyes at the players’ performance at the skate “They’re really good!”

 Also joining the evaluation camp was coach Darwin that CJ had brought in to help at the skate. Other JOIHF coaching staffers who participated in the camp were Asst GM Lester Griffin and Coach EJ Phillipps. The positive influences continued build up and flow was tremendous from the ice surface even into the lobby with Mr. Daley, Michael Lowe, and Judith Smith able to converse on JOIHF’s possibilities.

With just about all those returning, and some seeing for the first time, the future of Jamaica ice hockey seems to grow with each event. Coach Graeme Townshend said it best during the parents-players welcome meeting “My commitment is strong with JOIHF. I am committed to get a team to the Winter Olympics even if I’m in my 90s.”

As word continues to spread, the game continues to grow, and the talent becomes more apparent… JOIHF is here to stay.